Board room training

30 participants from across Africa participated in an executive roundtable for Chief Executive Officers and Senior Executives of State-Owned Companies and Companies with State Participation. The workshop held in October in Kigali, Rwanda, included participants from Uganda, Lesotho, Somalia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Liberia. The training was part of the ongoing Board Room Training project jointly organised by the ALSF and CONNEX Support Unit. The training was also supported by trainers and contributions from the ANRC, the World Bank, UNECA, and NRGI. The participants were trained and exchanged experiences on resource nationalism, managing stakeholders effectively, promoting local content, linkages and value addition, prospects and challenges under the new African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), and corporate governance of state-owned companies. The feedback received from the participants showed that they found the training to be highly relevant and rewarding and the connections made will further integration of the continent.