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ALSF Management Board holds final meeting in 2023 and approves planned activities for 2024

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, 1 December 2023 - The Management Board of the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF or the Facility) held its 42nd meeting at the Sofitel Hotel Ivoire to review the progress of ongoing projects and to consider the ALSF work plan and budget for 2024. The ALSF Board formally welcomed two new members to their first meeting, and considered and provided guidance on administrative, institutional, and operational matters to enable the Facility to remain responsive to the needs of its Regional Member Countries.

The Board reviewed the 2023 financial statements for the first three quarters of the year ended September 2023, and determined that the organisation was performing well and is in good financial health.

The Board noted the resource mobilisation initiatives of the Facility as well as the notable increase in funding and commended management for its efforts in diversifying the Facility’s sources of funding, which will enable the Facility to continue to deliver its mandate and objectives under the Medium-Term Strategy 2023 - 2027.

The Board also reviewed a Progress Report on Projects implemented in 2023 and noted the high demand for ALSF’s services in 2023, surpassing one request per week, and altogether about 384 projects since the Facility commenced operations in 2010. The Board commended the efficiency of the Facility despite the increased volume of work.

During the meeting, the Board considered and approved the 2024 Work Plan and Budget of the Facility. The document outlines the operational, institutional, and strategic programs to be carried out in 2024. The Board also approved updates to the Facility’s human resources policies as well as internal procedures to enhance management and the Board’s effectiveness.

In closing, the Board emphasized the importance of the Facility in the years ahead. Accordingly, the Board encouraged the ALSF management to be continuously innovative and strategic, to focus on the results of its operations, and to adapt to new opportunities in the rapidly changing environments of its Regional Member Countries.

The ALSF’s Management Board is responsible for oversight of the ALSF operations and ensures efficient and effective conduct of all operations of the Facility. The Board comprises five members of high integrity and competence, acting in their individual capacity, and appointed by the Governing Council for a three-year, non-renewable term. The current members of the Board are: Ms. Manisha Dookhony (Chairperson), Ms. Pippa Armerding, Mr. Jacob Mukete, Dr. Roland Amoussou-Guenou and Dr. Felister Kivisi.

About the ALSF

Created by the African Development Bank in 2008, the ALSF provides legal and technical capacity and supports African governments in undertaking complex commercial transactions, especially in the following key sectors: energy, infrastructure public-private partnerships, natural resources and extractives, and creditor litigation and sovereign debt management. The ALSF also develops innovative tools for capacity building and knowledge management, including its flagship ALSF Academy.

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